The first book

Our first book I’d like to discuss is Zen in the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams:

The reason for choosing this as my first post is simply it’s ease of understanding and usage, The book isn’t really about martial arts and Hyams puts it. It’s about common sense, I find this ironic in that the longer I live the more I accept that sense is by no means common.

I have used this writing to enhance mentorship and enhance my own methodology for teaching martial arts. The reason? Hyams writings teach a core concept for my method, that is mutual interaction. As the great Sensei Ed Parker once noted “I’m not going to show you my art, if I show you it becomes an exhibition and soon will be pushed to the back of your mind and forgotten. Instead, I will share it with you. In this way we both can learn and grow.”

It is in this mindset that I extend my hand to you in writing. Do not just read my thoughts but share your own so that the community of ‘us’ can grow as individuals.

Sensei Papa Bear

One thought on “The first book”

  1. Good book. I’ve used several quotes from it during my classes. I may have to follow your lead and do some blog posts based on it. Thank you!


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